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''Sadly, today, I had to have my sheepdog bitch put to sleep, and afterwards took her over to Bluebell Wood Pet Crematorium. Fabulous service, so helpful, and what a beautiful tranquil place. We are taking her home to the farm, but, in other circumstances would have no problem in scattering any pets ashes there. 5* service, and Kieran is a lovely guy, who gave me plenty of time with her, no pressure at all, lovely welcome room, and a beautiful room to spend time with your pet. Can't praise them enough, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend this place to anyone who finds themselves looking for the best for their pets.''

Our whole family would recommend Bluebell Wood Pet crematorium! Our poor Gizzy passed away and it was so sad to see her go in such unfortunate circumstances. She passed away at home in the middle of the night.

I contacted Bluebell Wood Pet crematorium and I received a response so quickly. We explained what had happened to Gizzy and how it would be so sentimental to have her ashes with us. We had asked if they could come collect Gizzy as it was too heartbreaking to hold her.

They came to our home, and what lovely peoples they were! So friendly and caring! My partners mother was completely devastated but they soothed and consoled her. It just seemed we knew them for years talking away.

They stayed and had a lovely chat. They then went through all the lovely options with Gizzy’s cremation. We chose to have the heart with her name in it and a mahogany urn.

They then explained the process and kept us updated throughout the day. They only do individual cremation which was relief as we didn’t want other Pets ashes with our gizzy. They also don’t store her, they did the cremation instantly.

They then notified us when Gizzy was peacefully cremated and that she was ready for pick up on the same day but we had to wait for the name plaque to arrive.

The name plaque arrived the next day, and we decided we would go visit the facility to go pick up Gizzy’s ashes. We’re so thankful we did as it was such a wonderful place!

Everything about it was exceptional! The grounds was beautiful and so peaceful. We then entered the building which was equally as beautiful. They showed us the room Gizzy stayed in when they were preparing for her cremation. And it certainly blew us away, it was gorgeous and everything we wanted for her.

We then received our Gizzy. It was truly beautiful! We had also received something else which was truly sentimental and so sweet. They did Gizzys paw prints for us so we still had something of hers with us we had a lovely card and a certificate of her cremation.

The service we received was an extremely sentimental personal experience.

I can’t stress how lovely this service was! I definitely recommend to anyone who has lost their fur baby and wants them to be put at rest peacefully but extraordinary people!